Are You Making These Basic Cleaning Mistakes?

When it comes to cleaning, everyone has their own approach; their own tips, tricks and trusted methods that they deploy when they need to spruce up their home. Unfortunately, as many professional cleaners will testify, many of these methods actually end up making the house dirtier than it was before!

Take a look at our list of the most basic and common cleaning mistakes – and how to put them right.

Making your bed

How many people jump out of bed in the morning and immediately make their bed? It’s an ingrained habit for many people, learned from childhood. But covering your bed up during the day can actually increase the number of germs harboured there. Pulling up the covers and tucking them in tightly can seal in moisture, which can lead to an increase in dust mites. For those who suffer from allergies and problems with asthma, these mites can exacerbate the issue even further. Instead, fold the covers down to the bottom of the bed each day to allow the sheets and the mattress to dry out.

Cleaning windows when it’s sunny or warm

You should be using dedicated glass cleaner when cleaning your windows, in order to avoid streaks. But your job can be made much harder if you try to wash the glass on a sunny or warm day. The cleaner dries up quickly, before it has time to be evenly spread and distributed, leaving those tell-tale streaks that look so unappealing. Wait for a cooler or cloudier day to ensure your windows emerge sparkling and streak-free.

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Spritzing cleaning products directly onto surfaces

For most people, cleaning the kitchen counters involves spraying a large amount of product directly onto the surface, before wiping it up with a cloth. However, this can leave behind build-up and residue, as well as drip marks or smudges. Rather than loading your cleaning spray onto the surface itself, spray it onto your cloth first. Not only will this prevent build-up, it’ll also mean your cleaning products last a lot longer!

Going overboard with natural ingredients

We’ve all heard about the natural, miracle ingredients like baking soda, lemon juice and vinegar when it comes to cleaning. It can be tempting to use these amazing substances in every single cleaning application – but in fact, you should be researching which ingredients are suitable for each surfaces. For example, if you use acidic substances (lemon juice and vinegar, for example) on real stone countertops or floors, you can end up ruining the smooth surface. Do your research before you reach for these tried and tested solutions.

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Loading the dishwasher incorrectly

Dishwasher take all of the effort out of washing up – surely there’s no way you could possibly be getting this element of cleaning wrong? Unfortunately, there is! Loading the dishwasher incorrectly can mean some of your utensils and dinnerware come out unclean. If you have a dish that’s encrusted with burnt-on food, make sure you position it so it feels the full force of the jets inside, rather than placing it around the outside. When it comes to loading your cutlery, make sure your spoons and forks aren’t nestled together, or they won’t have enough exposure to be thoroughly cleaned.

If you’re prone to making these mistakes and want to experience a professional cleaner’s methods, get in touch with Ready Maid today to find out more about our services.

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