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Benefits of Hiring a Professional Cleaner for New Parents

Ask any new parent to describe their first experiences of parenthood, and the same phrases will crop up over and over again: it’s a ‘whirlwind’, or it’s turned their world ‘upside-down’. The amazing experience of becoming a parent for the first time is not one that can be forgotten – even through the sleep-deprivation.

For many new parents, those first months are a struggle. Every nap, sneeze, feed, playtime and nappy change has to be supervised, all while juggling other responsibilities, including housework and socialising.

Perhaps this is why many new parents are turning to professional cleaners to help them through the first obstacles and challenges of motherhood and fatherhood. Here’s why you should consider hiring a cleaner as a new parent:

More time with baby

One of the key benefits of bringing in someone to complete chores like cleaning and laundry is that you’ll have more time to spend with your bundle of joy. This is key for both parents, but especially those who may have to return to work soon after the birth of their child. It gives them important quality time to bond with their little one uninterrupted.

Helps keep the home clean and hygienic

Professional cleaners are incredibly skilled at ensuring areas are spotlessly clean and very hygienic – which is essential when there’s a new baby around. Being able to call on someone who can transform their home into a baby-safe haven is a real boost for parents everywhere.

You can welcome guests

Any new parent will tell you that you’ll never welcome more houseguests than in the period immediately after your little one is born. Everyone from distant relatives to old friends will want to see how the new arrival is doing – some may even arrive unannounced. Having a professional cleaner ensures your home is always fit to receive guests.

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Easier to fall into a routine

When parents don’t have to concentrate on washing the dishes or mopping the floors, they can focus on building a routine with their baby. This can be incredibly tough, especially if the baby stirs numerous times during the night, but without the constant demand of dirty dishes or laundry, it can be much easier to find that natural schedule and rhythm that new babies and families need.

They dovetail perfectly with nannying services

If you’re already considering hiring a nanny, a professional cleaner is a perfect complement to that service. While your nanny helps with things like getting baby down for a nap, the cleaner can vacuum the entire property and ensure the place is spotless. These services are ideal when both parents need to return to work in some capacity – it helps new parents to resume their careers relatively quickly while still ensuring their little ones are cared for and their home is looked after.

If you’re considering hiring a professional cleaner to help after the birth of a new baby, contact Ready Maid Sydney to find out more about our rates and the services available.

Olivia Mullins

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