Daily Habits To Keep Your Home Organised

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Daily Habits To Keep Your Home Organised

Keeping your home organised and clutter-free can seem like you’re constantly fighting an uphill battle. You might have managed to get the kitchen or the bedroom organised, but a week later, it’s descended into chaos once more!

The trick to keeping your house organised is to develop daily habits. By completing small tasks each day, rather than having a marathon organising and home cleaning session every few weeks, you can enjoy a more orderly, clutter-free home. Check out our top daily habits you should try to develop:

When you wake up…

Try to develop a routine each morning when you wake up, whether it’s a weekday or a weekend. Pull your sheets back on the bed to air your sheets and mattress (otherwise you could be trapping moisture between the sheets). Open up your curtains or blinds, and get dressed, making sure to put away the garments you’ve been wearing for bed (either in the laundry, or neatly folded to wear again the next night).

Do a little laundry every day

Rather than dedicating one day per week to washing every item of clothing you and your family have dirtied in the last few days, try to do a little laundry five or six days out of every week. Rather than facing enormous mountains of ironing and folding, you’ll break it down into more manageable chunks (and ensure there are no piles of dirty laundry sitting around, building up bacteria!).

Clean the kitchen before you start your ‘downtime’

When you’ve finished your evening meal with the family, it can be so tempting to sit down and unwind with a good book or your favourite TV show. Try to put this off for fifteen minutes and head back to the kitchen. Rinsing the evening’s dishes, loading the dishwasher and tidying the rest of the kitchen will prevent build-up and keep your kitchen looking organised and uncluttered.

Everything in its place

All items in your home should have their own designated place. If you regularly find yourself coming across items that seem to float around your home, from surface to surface as the days pass, you should take five minutes to find it a real ‘home’. Once everything has a home, you’ll find it much easier to return items to their own place, rather than leaving them lying around in a disorganised way.

Get the family involved

If you share a house with numerous other people – partners, siblings, perhaps even parents – it’s not enough to instil these habits in yourself. You’ll need to make sure everyone in the home is pulling their weight too! Encourage everyone to establish a morning routine, contribute to the laundry (even if it’s just adding clothes to the laundry basket) and help everyone find a set place for their belongings in the home.

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