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This Is How Often You Should Be Cleaning Your House

When it comes to cleaning your home and the items in it, it can be difficult to know how often you should be cleaning each thing. For example, how long should you leave between washing your duvet and freshening up your mattress? Should you be cleaning your microwave on a weekly basis? How long is too long when it comes to cleaning your windows?

Luckily, the experts here at Ready Maid have come up with a simple schedule to help you stay on top of the seemingly never-ending list of tasks you need to complete to keep your home clean. And remember – if you need help with any of these jobs, or you want to free up some of your spare time, Ready Maid’s Sydney home cleaning service is just a few clicks away.

One week or less

Here are the domestic tasks that you should be completing on a weekly basis:

  • Vacuuming – your carpets collect so much dust and everyday debris, they really should be vacuumed each week.
  • Changing the bedsheets – your bedsheets collects a disgusting array of build-up throughout the week. Wash them at a high temperature once per week.
  • The kitchen – ideally you should be wiping down your kitchen counters every day, as well as washing any dishes that have accumulated. Appliances like microwaves should be wiped clean weekly and given a deep clean once every month or so.
  • Toilet – this place has a reputation as being the dirtiest place in the house, and deservedly so. Don some rubber gloves and give it a scrub once every week to keep it fresh and hygienic.

Two to four weeks

These are the cleaning jobs you should be carrying out every two to four weeks or so:

  • Cleaning your windows – this will ensure they remain smudge and smear-free, allowing them to let in as much natural light as possible.
  • Cleaning the shower and bath – this might be where you get clean each day, but the shower and bath area can accumulate an astonishing number of germs and bacteria. Clean the space with a dedicated bathroom cleaner every two weeks to kill germs and prevent mildew build-up.
  • Toys and toy chests – children are renowned for putting toys in their mouths, dipping them in food, rolling them around on the floor and continuing to play with them. Keep toys and their storage boxes clean by wiping them down with antibacterial wipes every two weeks.

Monthly or longer

Here are the tasks that you should complete once every month to keep your house clean:

  • Cleaning the fridge – you want the place where you store most of your food to be kept clean and hygienic! Once per month, clear out all of the food and clean the inside of the fridge – you can use natural substances like bicarbonate or soda, and half a lemon for a zesty fresh smell.
  • Upholstery – if you have sofas and armchairs, you should aim to have them professionally clean around twice per year. You should also put cushion covers through a hot wash around four times per year.
  • Duvets and blankets – as well as washing your exterior bedding regularly, you should make sure your duvets and blankets are cleaned at least twice per year.

For more cleaning tips, carry on reading the Ready Maid blog! Or contact our team today to find out how a professional cleaner could help keep your home sparkling.

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