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Top Tips to Make Laundry Life That Little Bit Easier

For many people, laundry can feel like a never-ending chore, with mountains of clothes to wash, dry, iron, fold and put away – especially in families with children. Most of the time, the process is relatively straightforward, if a little arduous. But when it comes to stains or washing certain fabrics, it can be tough to know which approach to take.

Here at Ready Maid, we offer a professional laundry service that will have your clothes washed and dried in no time. Our highly-trained cleaning operatives have learned plenty of tips and tricks during their time in the industry – and they’ve been convinced to part with some of their best laundry secrets right here, for convenience. Check out our top tips to help make laundry less of a challenge!

Speed up sorting with separate hampers

Rather than having your family put all of their laundry into one hamper (which will then need to be sorted into whites and colours), provide two hampers for each. This will save you plenty of time when it comes to adding items to the washing machine, and you’ll be less likely to get caught out by a stray red sock in with your whites!

Learn how to read labels

We’ve all been mystified by the laundry symbols on clothing labels before – some of them are fairly obvious, but many are tough to decipher! Learning what each of those symbols means will change the way you approach laundry forever. There are plenty of charts online which will help you establish the meaning of each symbol, so you can better sort your fabrics and ensure you’re washing things at the right temperature.

Wash similar fabrics together

Try to sort your laundry by fabric as well as by colour. Heavy fabrics like denim should all be washed and dried together – if you add in items like cotton t-shirts, they’ll end up going round in your dryer long after they’re actually dry. Keep heavy fabrics and light fabrics separate to simplify your drying loads.

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Learn when to use dryer sheets and fabric softener

Did you know that using dryer sheets and fabric softener when you’re washing towels can actually cause them to lose their absorbency? Using too much detergent on these items can also cause build-up eventually. When it comes to washing towels, opt for a natural solution to clear away any build-up and keep them fresh and absorbent. We like white vinegar and baking soda as natural detergents which can breathe new life into your old towels.

Wash socks in a mesh bag

We haven’t met a washing machine yet which doesn’t mysteriously eat up socks and leave lots of odd ones hanging around. To save your matching pairs of socks from being separated in your laundry, invest in a washable mesh bag. Put all of your socks into the bag and then add it to the washing machine to keep all pairs together without having to sort through huge piles of clothes to match the back up.

For the latest cleaning tips, or to hire a professional cleaning service for your home or business, get in touch with the Ready Maid team today!

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