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What Can We Learn From Hotel Housekeepers?

Staying in a hotel is a luxurious treat for many – especially when they return to their room at the day to discover it’s been cleaned to perfection. Hotel cleaners are among the best in the business, turning over dozens of rooms every day, all to an incredibly high standard. So what are their tips and tricks for achieving such flawless results every single day? We’ve taken a look at what we can learn from the cleaning wizards in the hotel housekeeping industry…

Always have a plan

If you set about cleaning a room, or your entire house, without a proper plan, it’s likely you’ll get distracted halfway through, or you’ll forget an essential task which needed to be carried out first. Make a step-by-step plan for each room, or your whole house, and follow it every time you need to carry out a full clean.

Let there be light

Natural light and a strong natural airflow can work wonders in any room. Whenever you start cleaning, throw open the curtains and the windows to let nature circulate around the area. This is especially important if you’re going to be working with strong cleaning chemicals – you’ll need the ventilation to prevent the fumes from becoming overpowering. Natural light also helps you to spot dust, smears and other marks far better than artificial light.

Vacuum upholstery

Most people run their vacuum over the carpets and rugs and leave it at that. But almost all vacuums these days come with some kind of upholstery attachment – so you should make use of it! Plush sofas and chairs can accumulate huge amounts of dust over time, so make sure you’re running your vacuum over them at least once a week to remove this build-up and keep your entire room fresh.

Always de-clutter

You’ll have a much easier job cleaning the rest of the room if you handle clutter as a priority. When most hotel maids walk into a room, the first thing they’ll do is strip the bed and remove all clutter. This gives them the space and freedom to properly clean the rest of the room, without having to clean around items. De-cluttering is also a great way to make a room feel instantly cleaner, if you’re on a strict schedule.

Don’t forget electronics and appliances

Television and monitor screens pick up a lot of dust and grime – make sure you run a microfiber cloth over them to pick up any lingering specks. If you need a little more cleaning power, use some distilled water mixed with an equal ratio of white vinegar. Never spray directly onto a screen – spray the solution onto your cloth sparingly. You should also clean remote controls – imagine how many germs accumulate on these during the day!

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